Iris Crockett, broker at Crockett Realty, Iris has been a realtor since 1985, opening Crockett Realty in 1992.  Iris has loved the challenge of growing from the years of Polaroid pictures being sent to callers from ads in city newspapers to the involvement of the multiple listing services of today.  She loves working with people and guiding them to their real estate desires. She has been married 53 years to her artist husband Willie Crockett, They have 5 children and 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.
Laura Crockett.  Laura is an experienced realtor having started her career in 2000 with impressive success.  As her broker, I can say that Laura is a wonderful realtor who pays much attention to detail and closes on sales with very satisfied buyers and sellers.  She has 2 grown children and is married to Billy Crockett, a world class wildfowl carver.